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Cane Creek developed an air-sprung version of the DB coil that saved considerable weight, and then an even lighter, smaller air shock called DB InLine. . It doesn&39;t have any manuals or service videos for rear shock damper rebuilds. If so, maybe doing air services every 30 hours (as I do with Fox&39;s cans) will keep the 5 major service cycles down to once every 200–400 hours (as. While we used a Santa Cruz, this suspension upgrade review will ring true for anyone looking to up the performance of their ride with top of the line Cane Creek goodies. At Cane Creek, we make products we believe in – components that live up.

Этот ролик обработан в Видеоредакторе YouTube Turn your smart phone into a suspension expert with DIALED and quickly set up your Cane Creek Double Barrel® rear shock for an optimal riding experience. I will spare giving you the numbers for my tune, because what are the odds that we share the same weight, riding style, and bike? After all, what goes up MUST go down. At 0 (check current prices), it’s.

Last year, Cane Creek released Trunnion-mounted versions of the shock, and the newest version includes a redesigned air piston with a bigger air seal and “L-shaped” backup rings, along with other internals to improve reliability, which is something the old shocks struggled with at times. When the rider is ready to descend, with the flip of CS, the shock returns to the traditional low-speed circuits of the Double Barrel. One of the unique things about Cane Creek&39;s DB Inline is that it allows the independent external tuning of high and low-speed rebound and compression. My Spitfire had it’s factory-specced RockShox Monarch set up before, which was a decent shock, but often felt over-damped and stiff, and did not want to cycle through all of its travel. It’s a great way to make your bike stand out from the majority of others that are specced with Fox or RockShox suspension, but the bottom line is that it’s a notably great feeling cane creek double barrel air manual rear shock. In addition, Cane Creek has developed an extensive database of setups and a support forum on its website to further assist riders in getting the best from the DB lineup. I installed the Cane Creek DB Air CS on my Banshee Spitfire. LSC adjustment eliminates pedal induced "bob", influences small bump sensitivity, reduces brake dive and determines how the bike will react to weight changes.

· Cane Creek’s Double Barrel was one of the first shocks to have independently adjustable high and low-speed compression and rebound damping, via four dials on the shock body. My testing situation made for a good sense of base level performance and potential. runs through the details of their new double barrel air shock. As part of that process The Lounge has been disabled.

LSC is used to manage traction and chassis stabilization. The Fox link you gave actually only has service info for forks and the air sleeves of rear shocks. When you’re ready to descend, it’s all Double Barrel. The Manitou link you gave doesn&39;t have any service manuals for any rear shocks for the past 4 years ( was the latest one). The shaft also received a sleek new black anodization, which Cane Creek says reduces friction. it&39;s the Double Barrel Inline Air. dosahuje tlumič Cane Creek vrcholu v odpružení pro horská kola.

Designed for entry-level riders up to advanced suspension wizards, DIALED gives you the option to either walk through the steps of a full tuning session or enter your established custom tune. For those who aren’t familiar with Cane Creek, they are a boutique component brand based out of the Cane Creek Valley. Cane Creek assembled some of the earliest mountain bike forks back in the day, with the Rock Shox RS1, before they started making their own forks in. Photo Credit: Ryan Palmer.

Page 5: Tools Needed Tools Needed Specialized tools and materials are needed for the installation of your Cane Creek parts. The shock manages oil flow incredibly well, without feeling over-damped. Double Barrel - Service Coil + Coil CS - Double Barrel Coil Service + Length Modification prices vary, but typically service price + £90 £105. Riders benefit from descending traits akin to a coil shock, while saving weight, and enhancing a bike’s climbing ability. Installation of Cane Creek parts by a qualified bicycle mechanic is highly recommended. The Climb Switch changes the low speed damping in one simple switch, to optimize suspension dynamics during climbing. cane creek db inline rear shock review Unless you have been living under a rock, up in a tree, or any other place isolated from the interweb, there is more than a good chance that you are aware of Cane Creek’s line of double barrel rear shocks.

. Servicing this shock is more expensive than most shoc. installation and adjustment procedures of this fork. These changes were implemented in and a. I’ve always taken a bit of pride in being able to disassemble my rear shock on the coffee table to replace my seals and refresh the oil, but that’s not a wise idea with the DB Air CS. Cane Creek makes a pretty diverse spectrum of cycling components, from premium headsets to ,500 titanium cranksets, and of course mountain bike suspension. From Cane Creek&39;s DB Air manual: Stuck down is a result of a failure of the dynamic air seal (located between the positive and negative air chambers within the shock sleeve) that causes the negative chamber to retain a higher air pressure than the positive. The installation, like most rear shocks, was very easy and done in a matter of a few minutes.

Use only genuine Cane Creek owner’s manual to learn the correct Helm parts. Dämpfer einstellen - Cane Creek Doubel Barrel Link zur Anleitung von Cane Creek: Cane Creek Double Barrel Air Climb Switch with Black Body Tube £599. · The shock has the same 4-way adjustability that all Double Barrel shocks are known for, as well as Cane Creek’s Climb Switch which uniquely slows rebound as well as compression.

HELM HELM MKII Instruction Manual HELM Instruction Manual HELM 50 Hour Service Instructions HELM Works Series 130 Climb Switch & Bolt-On D-LOC Axle Instructions Aftermarket Bolt-On D-LOC Axle Instructions Rear Suspension DB Kitsuma Instruction Manual DB Kitsuma Air User Specifications DB Kitsuma Coil User Specifications DB Owner’s Manual DB Quick-Tune Sheet DB Air / Air. LIMITED ONE (1) YEAR WARRANTY ON SUSPENSION PRODUCTS. Lounge is Closed. First, it is costly. What is Cane Creek DB inline? · Now, Carl Mega said (above) the air can service can be done by the end-user—though there&39;s no mention of that being a thing in the manual or anywhere in Cane Creek&39;s website that I can find.

Cane Creek Double Barrel Inline Shock. ASSEMBLED BY HAND IN ASHEVILLE, NC From the original threadless headset to the game-changing Double Barrel shock, since 1974 we have designed, tested and hand assembled some of the industry’s finest cycling components in our original facility in Asheville, North Carolina. Cane Creek tunes the ‘climbing circuits’ specifically for the demands of off-road climbing to achieve improved pedaling efficiency with less chassis motion. · The DB Inline manual calls for service every 100 hours of riding or twice a year. Tento uživatelský manuál je Váš průvodce pro nastavení Vašeho tlumiče Double Barrel.

Given the assumption that most riders are using an OEM specced rear shock, it’s safe to say that most would benefit from upgrading to a shock like the DB Air CS. The more I think about it, it sounds like a dream come true. · Cane Creek sent over their latest HELM Air fork and DBAir CS rear shock for us to try. See full list on singletracks.

DB Air IL + Inline Service - DB Inline - Service + Upgrade to Air IL specification - Air IL or DB Inline - conversion to Coil IL (price includes VALT Lightweight spring) £105. But the Air IL is much more than just its knobs. For a more familiar location reference, that’s near Asheville, North Carolina. Cane Creek Double Barrel vacuum bleed: I did this to my CCDB Air CS for my Specialized Enduro, but this procedure will work for any of the Cane Creek Double Barrel shocks with exception to the new inline. What is Cane Creek double barrel? The tuning process is also something that can take some time and users shouldn’t expect to turn. It’s certainly not a necessary upgrade. The idea behind it is all very clear; a no-compromise, cane creek double barrel air manual user customizable shock.

For those who are not in the know, the double barrel technology employed by Cane Creek has origins in Öhlins motorsport dampeners. Also, the idea with a shock like this is that users should experiment with the tuning themselves and discover what they like the best. · Cane Creek’s Double Barrel design is well proven, but the original DB Coil shock is heavier (even with a lightweight spring) and more downhill focussed than many trail or enduro riders need. We are in the process of making some major improvements to our website.

· Something was wrong. The controls and the air valve can even be repositioned to make them more accessible on the frame. The rear shocks have been on the market for years though. DESCRIPTION Cane Creek Double Barrel Rear Shock No other rear shock onThe market inspires rider confidence or providesThe level of adjustability and control found onThe Cane Creek Double Barrel.

Second, people are forgoing the opportunity to overhaul their shocks at home. Keeping suspension fully active while you climb results in better connection to the trail and increased efficiency without annoying pedal-bob. However, that isn’t to say that the shock is without downsides. Riders need cane creek double barrel air manual to ship it to Cane Creek for service and keep a spare shock on hand or do without for a week or two. It seems the air is stuck in the negative air chamber of the shock.

I added a couple clicks of low speed compression damping for pedal efficiency and upped the high speed compression damping for better bottom out resistance. Thanks to Cane Creek for providing the shock for testing and review. What is Cane Creek? 301 Moved Permanently. Maybe it will work on an inline, but I haven’t had one open yet or even in my hands so I have no idea. Odpružení Cane Creek poskytuje nejhlubší škálu nastavení tlumiče, díky němuž můžete tlumič naladit přesně pro Vaše kolo a dle Vašich požadavků. · I found an English version of that manual (could be a revision difference or two) via some Google for &39;pinkbike Cane creek double barrel air/coil service manual&39; The link itself is a Google Drive link at the bottom of that post. DOUBLE BARREL WARRANTY.

cane creek double barrel air manual 49 MB | Pages: 36 Please, tick the box below to get your link: Get manual. En este vídeo aprenderemos a desmontar el amortiguador trasero Cane Creek de aire para poderle poner unas arandelas que venden específicamente para este amor. This offered a level of tuning previously unseen on trail bike shocks and meant riders could really dial in their suspension. See more results.

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